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Plastic Trays

STOCK America's range of trays is one of the largest available, allowing individually tailored packaging that customizes the presentation of your products in the marketplace. We maintain over 100 sizes of trays in stock, available in a wide range of colors, constructed of HDPE, CPET, PP, or PVC. Custom tray designs, configurations, and colors can be accommodated. Packaging applications include meat, fish, poultry, ready meals, catering, pasta, fruit and many other food products. STOCK America's trays are suitable for sterilization, freezing, pasteurization, modified atmosphere, microwaves and conventional ovens. See Tray Sizes


Sealing Machines

The comprehensive machine program includes a wide range of choices from small, hand-operated sealers to semi and fully automated packaging lines. Vacuum and gas flush capability is an important feature for many value-added products and our experience with Modified Atmosphere Packaging enables the production of extended shelf life products that retain freshness 2 to 3 times longer than conventional packaging methods. See Available Models


Sealing Film

STOCK America Packaging sealing films are available in either peelable or non-peelable, and anti-fog format. Options available include custom imprinting with your logo and design in up to six colors. Low and high barrier structures are also available. Sealing film compatibility for tray properties include sterilization, freezing, pasteurization, modified atmosphere, microwave and conventional oven applications. See your STOCK America representative for more information



STOCK America Inc. is pleased to announce we now offer pouches for your flexible, food packaging requirements. These custom pouches are designed using high impact graphics for that stand-out on the shelf feature that is most desired. Available in a multitude of structures and options, pouches are suitable for snack foods all the way up to sterilized, shelf stable, ready-meals.