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  STOCK America has manufactured the ICON (Intelligent Control Network) Retort Control System since 1992. The development of this standardized system was in response to customer demands for non-proprietary hardware and software platforms.  
    Allen-Bradley and other well-known manufacturers of key components and programmable controllers were selected vendors in our effort to standardize hardware. STOCK America developed internal programming capabilities at our Wisconsin headquarters in order to develop appropriate retort and system management code and specifications.  
  • Allen-Bradley Control Hardware
  • Data / Recipe Management via Windows NT
  • ODBC/JDBC Compliant Database
  • Total U.S. Based Technical Support
  The ICON was validated according to pharmaceutical standards in a joint exercise with the Food and Drug Administration; STOCK America received an FDA Acceptance Letter in 1994.  
    ICON control systems are installed and running in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and several Caribbean and European countries.