Water Immersion Retorts Steam-Spray Retorts
Water Immersion Retorts  Steam-Spray Retorts
Welcome to STOCK America!
STOCK America Inc. supplies custom retorts (sterilizers) and associated equipment to food and pharmaceutical processors throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Primarily, our focus is In-container Sterilization equipment and technology. Through the application of high temperature steam or water, we effectively sterilize shelf-stable foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals in various heat stable metal, glass, foil or plastic containers. We work with end users to design, install and validate the equipment.
Our Allen Bradley based ICON Control System has been accepted by the FDA, USDA, Canadian Dept. of Agriculture and the State of California to automatically control, monitor and provide real time process optimization.

STOCK America is a Recognized Process Authority with F.D.A. and U.S.D.A. and can provide all testing, consulting and filing services for regulatory approval.
STOCK America's Corporate Headquarters
STOCK America's Corporate Headquarters

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